PaRappa The Rapper

"All We Need Is Music"

[Partial Chorus: Katy Kat]
All we need is music
Running 'round the city every day
You've got to stop
And listen to the beat
Move your funky feet

[Verse 1: Parappa]
Representing one time for your mind
All these kids like to do is have some fun
I'm so happy
I'm so happy
Just fun and games
No guns or gang names
Positive vibes that vibe all the same
When I play tag, it's hard to play cus my pants sag
Don't stay out late
Don't wanna make my dad mad
Saturday morning, I'm up at 6 AM
So I can watch Jet Baby with 6 of my friends
Katy, Sunny, PJ (Who's my DJ), look out for each other when we go out to play
Whether a concert or on the school ground
Or under the shady trees
Soda Pop coolin' down
Friendships can't be dismissed
I gotta believe
So I gotta believe in this
Friends to the end, but not like Chucky
We might even do a free show if you're lucky
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