Westside Connection
King of the Hill
[Intro: Ice Cube]
Oh yeah it ain't over motherfuckers
These n***as don't understand
Every few years n***as got to get their motherfuckin' caps peeled back
N***a this is Westside n***a, don't think, n***a don't think
Now, next motherfuckers go by the name of Cypress Hill
K all motherfuckin' day

[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
Every few years n***as think they can deal with the real
Now I gots to fuck Cypress Hill
I got a voice you should fear
I drink a beer, bust a rap and end your fuckin' career
You fuckin' cowards, never seen a hood high powered
Like the Westside Connect
Slide me my TEC
I got 'em, soon as I spot 'em, I'm dumpin'
Gotta treat these bitch ass n***as like they stole somethin'
I see a joint in your clutch
You're smokin' that shit too much, got your bitch ass touched
Sen Dog you can't rap from the guts
And B-Real soundin' like he got baby nuts
I don't know why y'all think y'all slick
I don't know one rapper down wit' your clique
I don't know one bitch on your dick
And I don't know one n***a bumpin' your shit
I hear you claimin' South Central wait
You ain't from my hood, y'all hoes from South Gate
Comin' with a voice high pitched
The "B" in B-Real must stand for bitch
[Verse 2: Mack 10]
We'll it's the hip-hop junkie startin' static
Now I'm rollin' up Cypress Hill lettin' n***as have it
Got these wannabe thugs up, load my slugs up
Hey yo back up Cube Dogg, we passed that bitch Muggs up
Pull over and let me out, it's on on sight
Now let me show this white boy what that Westside Connect like
Booya booya from the gauge as I spit them
The buck shots spray and made them lay as I hit 'em, uh
Ain't got to sweat his punk ass no mo'
1 down and 2 to go, hand me a fo' fo'
Let me get my ride on, get my homicide on
B-Real wish he could be me cause he know he can't see me bitch
You should have known you can't fade a real hog
Breathin' Inglewood smog, 'cause I'm a real dog
You bustas wanna see me but you can't come close
Because I'm Ace homies with Amerikkka's Most
N***a miss me, I'm used to a ho tryin' to kiss me
Now what gave your bitch ass enough heart to diss me
You'll come up missin' and Sen Dog is so wack he ain't worth dissin'
You n***as need to listen
On everything I love my heat can't release a dub
Fuck rappin' fuck strappin', I created another bloody glove
It's 1 - 0 and for sho' I'll kill
You pussies can't match my skill 'cause I'm the King Of The Hill
[Verse 3: Ice Cube, Mack 10]
Everybody in the ghetto, know what you're doin'
One white boy and two fuckin' Cubans
Claimin' that you're loco, but you ain't Mexican
Listen to "No Vaseline" before you flex again
Fuckin' with the hogs
You say you Bloods but you ain't liked by the dogs fool
On tour only rappin' to the yuppies
We the big fish I'll make a dish out you fuckin' guppies
So who are y'all with?
N***as down with Cypress can wipe this shit off my dick
As I stick it like King Kong and play Ping Pong
With this fake ass Cheech and Chong
Did you tell ya momma that I had to help ya
When Sen Dog left your bitch ass in Australia
You say that I took your hook?
It must be the white boy thinkin' all n***as crooks
Now what, you hip-hop hippies?
How you fuckin' junkies
Think you gonna punk me and chill
And deal with the fact that you ain't got enough skill
To kill the King Of The Hill?
Ice Cube could you pass me my steel?
For real, I'm the king of the Hill
Mack10 could you pass me my steel?
For real, I'm the King of the Hill!
Ice Cube could you pass me my steel?
For real, I'm the king of the Hill
Westside could you pass me my steel?
For real, I'm the King of the Hill!
[Outro: Ice Cube, Mack 10, W.C.]
"I'm havin Illusions"
Of Westside n***as whoopin' on your motherfuckin' ass
That's what you got illusions of, bitch!
Yeah n***a, you's a bitch!
Dog we ain't got no n***as like you on my side
N***a this is Inglewood
Westside, yeah!
Check it out
We're waitin' for round 2 you punk ass motherfuckers
And anybody else that wanna get some
Stand in line
But bring a lunch motherfuckers
Ha ha ha ha
Dizzam, somebody got fucked up, n***a