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"Za Warudo"


Verse 1:
Any last words go ahead speak
I don't have much time you have even less reach in
Dig down deep, Dio a beast
Transcended man, I ain't even in reach
How splendid damn I ain't even at peak
Head mended and the Joestar's look bleak
Body rented and I must say it moves sleek
Like a brand new car, with a few new tweaks
I am not of the living your lineage rests
With me, well everything up to the neck
And it is ironic that I am the head
You opened your door to an angel of death
Defeated you now, defeated you then
Defeated your gramps, defeated your friends
There nothing but dogs, they cowered and begged
Muda Joe it just had to be said
I'm a god, your family welcomed me in
And put this in motion I reveled in sin
You were never ahead of me always have been
In the dark now the devil will meddle again
Whoah, so that kind of makes us a family
Yo, think of it most my anotomies, Joe
At the very least you should be calling me bro
Didn't you know?
I have been schooling the Joes for centuries, fittingly I am ahead of the curve
Why do you think gramps didn't mention me probably cus my name's hitting a nerve
You should just take was it is left of your dignity and put your teeth on the curb
I will show you all the world cus this is a lesson the Joes never learn
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