You will all know my name
Here to rule the world with pain
I have broke through these chains
You will know my reign
I am two steps ahead you
If you try to get ahead you're dead fool
Bow down to me, your king

Verse 1:
Came outside the womb and knew what I have got to do
I'm walking huge, I only have to move in silence when I choose
Who's gonna stop me, you? Your little triceps got something to prove
You don't have the Mamba mindset when Goliaths in the room
I don't have thе time to argue, I'll just make you disappеar
I'll make this crystal clear, at best you little Nen is middle tier
You should listen here, your life is rounding on the final lap
You better cycle back cus you're surrounded by some psychopaths
I don't change them, if the royal guard ain't bout it I replace them
I'm the Apex, Legend, don't have time to battle cave men
Got a mission separating you crusaders from your brain stem
A dictator, I don't have any detractors cus I ate em
I told them if you're eager to die then I'll oblige you
Gungi with the IQ, I only make the right moves
I see your confidence but I am nothing like you
Ironic your extermination crew about to die too
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