Nezuko, come on. Hey, hey, hey, keep your eyes open, come on. Can't lose you too, come on, please! I need you to stay with me!

Verse 1:
It was just a trip, how did it come to this
I knew before I even saw it from that sense above my lip
I pat their heads before I left them, said that I would come with gifts
How could god be in a world that lefts the devil run with kids
I'm hurting, my legs frozen, but I know for certain
That my sister dying, wouldn't be a pain that I could burden
Gеtting nervous and with every stеp ahead I feel her worsen
Not today, you can't have her cus without her what's the purpose
Hey, I need you to breathe, no I need you to believe
That you aren't dying here today, Nezuko, just look at me
I don't care if you're a Demon, there won't ever be a reason
That I leave you, it's me and you, man, f**k these other people
I will go to hell and back, I'm not scared of fighting evil
Know you're fighting for your life, you're the thread and I'm the needle
Come to me, we'll get through this if it throttles you endure
And if you make it on the family I promise you a cure

Breathe, let it breathe, breathe, let it breathe
It's like a dream, I can see the family all watching me
So I breathe, then I breathe, breathe, then I breathe
Gotta keep our name alive, so they live on in memory
So I breathe, yeah, then I breathe
And let em see, as long is she is with me
If she can breathe, then I breathe
I'll stay fighting til the day that I can truly set her free
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