Sukuna Rap (King Me) lyrics


I don’t have time to waste king sh*t
And if one of you wanting a taste bring it
Ive been locked up I’m wanting to play swing b*t*h
Eventually you’ll just expend all your energy
Mount all your sorcerers heads for the centerpiece
Mount it to show that your never ahead of me
Send out the message and others will bend the knee
Pray all you want it don’t matter cus in my domain
Got them words you speak trapped like parentheses
I ain’t even at my full power
But you feel it this is hood hours
Stay tough till the blood shower
Look hard til a hood gouge em
Old head so you would have thought
I’m the one that you could have caught
Til I take a stroll down the blvd
And I show you n***as you are not as hard
Both hands what you would have caught
And the “low han’” thats a mean girl
And I hook hard at your top right
Make your head bang its a me world

Todo clapping all your hitters do it solo
Think your f**king with the king baby oh no
I just do it for the blood I’m living yolo
I’m in your head, I’m in your head

[Verse 1]
Ending your life like
Run up and dump on your set like
Kill you and run on the check like
No need to check on the check light
Know your lane in a different race your a slave
And that little blade do you think your f**king with a game
I will duct tape your sh*t and make you listen
Make you make some grave decisions
Pay a visit slay your b*t*h and make you twisted
Spray her blood up in your face the shade of lipstick
Pain inflicted take your digits legs I snip them
All that power talk and was made a victim
Stay sadistic fighting me may elicit angel visits
Yanked to the great abyss
Masochistic if you want to play with this sh*t
You pulled the “K” “A” I made you kiss it
Pulling your heart out whoah
And there ain't no limit how far I’ll go
I’ll play with your body I’ll make you a puzzle
Now watch while I take you apart now slow
b*t*h toy with you soon as you up in the crib
Kill me but death is the way that I live
Built for this I’m a renegade
Go dumb I got that special grade
Killing anything in the vicinity
You can't f**k with me
Cursed and I roll with the energy
Four middle fingers for those in my way
Have you whole crew go Mia, Jimmy
Heat like I brought propane, gimme
Look and you’ll find now lame in me
None of y’all f**king with the rage thats in me

Todo clapping all your hitters do it solo
Think your f**king with the king baby oh no
I just do it for the blood I’m Living yolo
I’m in your head, I’m in your head

[Verse 2]
You think that you f**king with me naw
I’ll kill you without even touching you
All of my energy send you to meet god
That hope that you have in your team? Awe
You done f**ked up
Them hits that I’m landing your punch drunk
Call your stepbro cus this foot in you ass
You’ll need all the help getting in unstuck
Malevolent shrine
Now is the time that you should be ready to cry
When I sever your spine well this is the end of the road
Itadori were severing ties
Maybe when you see the blood of your people
You’ll realize that no one is better then I
Cus anybody coming at me better know they better be ready to die

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