Joey Trap

"Damn It !"

[Intro: Tokyo's Revenge & Joey Trap]
Akachi on the beat, lil' b*t*h
Red lean look like Clifford

[Verse 1: Tokyo's Revenge]
Damn it! Uh
n***a watch your mouth
Horses in the whip, stick on me, I'm tryna joust
She gonna wrap my d**k around her neck just like a noose and then she gonna bunny jump out of the top floor of her house
Uh, huh
Play my music loud
Blast it at your parents, 'til they tell you, "Turn it down"
Last b*t*h try to tell me what to do, suck my d**k
30 minutes later, saw her, p*ssed inside her f**king mouth

[Verse 2: Joey Trap]
Look, uh, look
I be in her mouth, like Mentos
I be in the trap, stay ten-toes
I think I'm insane, I'm mental, uh
Look, yeah
Gold that's in my mouth, it's dental, uh
Pistol got the lead, no pencil, uh
I'ma use her face, like stencils, uh, huh
Dammit, I need a muh-f**kin' bandage, uh
b*t*h, I'm so sick I can't manage, uh
Bentley, it don't take no transit, uh
Bus, uh, haha
You n***as still on the bus, uh
b*t*h I am still on a rush, uh
I feel like Batman with drugs, uh, guns
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