Joey Trap

Lyrics from snippet

While workin' with them bands, all them b*t*hes be on top of me
The haters never stoppin' me, the police right behind a G
I can't stop at the light 'cause if I do, then it's a robbery
A felon, but the difference is they never even caught a G, I'm rich
b*t*h with no hands, do the splits
You freak and I know, tell your mans he can dip, now strip
Benji's, I love the blue strips
If your reach for my chain, this Glock get you lit, I trip
Now who trippin'? Nobody
We sippin' this wocky, your b*t*h think I'm c*cky, I'm it
I don't even havе to brag 'cause I never rеally had sh*t and now I'm in a Jag, on God

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