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Gameboy Jones

"Till the world ends"


Promise I'mma be their till the world ends
If you got a problem let me know
We all got our demons, we all got Sins
And we all have ways that we can grow
And I know, I know, I know
I’mma be their till the world ends
And I know, I know, I know
We all got Sins and can still grow

Verse 1:
Never thought I'd be a knight in shining armor
Had to leave my past behind because I had too much dishonor
Yeah my mental state was slipping, man I thought I was a goner
Made a switch inside my life and now I think that made me stronger yeah
Labelled outlaw, a misfit, a bandit
Found faith inside myself when I had left the Ten Commandments
Wish that they could understand it I will not just be another guy
Stuck inside the underground without me knowing of the sky
Going past my limits, gonna break out of the atmosphere
Wish that I was brave and said I did it all without no fear
Every single day I think how I can make amends
But I know I'm not alone, all these sinners are my friends
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