"Geek Cypher 2"

Shout out JT, that's my crew
I’ve been challenged so I'll show you how a master do
Stack the goombs rack tac's then smack they tombs
Laugh then back track
They blaming lag, they noobs
I brought you "Fortnite, Fortnite, let’s go!"
Super smash on the track from beginner to pro
Let the fam let em' know
Flow bouncin' like a pogo
Nerdy but your chick really wanna take a photo
Uhh geek bars got em' shook
Make a banging beat kill it dead sing a hook
Super saiyan charge don't believe?
Take a look
I been player one stealing lives like a crook
Snipe em' in the head for a triple
Link with the blade
Throw a nade in array watch em' cripple
Come into the game with a sickle
Make em' rift out
Shoot em’ straight up out the sky
Guided missile
Crackin’ jokes, call me Sans
I don't need a power-up to feel like I’m the man
Make em' bleed red, dead if they don't understand
Go Diablo on the track
Burn it down, that's the plan
Climb the ranks like a beast
MLG skill power levels stay increased
Come revive the team
You would think that I’m a priest
Always hungry, never see defeat
It's a feast
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