[Verse 1: Fabvl & (Divide)]
I won’t fall to pieces
Counting up these scars
Things that keep me decent
Never seemed so far
(Believe) In letting go, I was born from sin
(Believe) In taking hold, power from within, I’m
Holding onto to seconds to make em’ turn into minutes
Counting all my blessings I never want him to finish
Climbing all my towers the evil’s gotta diminish
We’ll never grow apart
I’m by your side

[Chorus: Divide]
Believe, i can achieve
See this fire in my soul will guide me right to you
Believe, i fear nothing
See, I’ve come to clip your wings
Can you hear the angels sing?

[Post Hook: Divide] (X2)
Come to clip your wings
Can you hear the angels sing?

[Verse 2: Divide]
Its like, cold hands around my neck
Not a life that I’d come to expect
No rest for the wicked, I’ve come to learn
Its not the fire inside that’s gonna burn oh
Everybody living day by day
Not knowing what lies and waits no
Got my own vengeance on my mind
Gonna right the wrongs that took place on that day
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