"Jotaro Rap - “Drip”"


Keep on calling me the man
Lay you out
I do it cause I can
Make your chick my biggest fan
Then I switch it right into the stand
You'll see the
Other side of me
Covered in the drip
Come and take a hit
You gon' see the
Other side of me
Stardust that's the clique
I don't ever miss
Come and see the


Look at the drip
Me I got sauce on the fit
Never been one for the talking
Like Dio he running his lips
He smoking a zip
High on a trip
If he think that he matching with this
Been handing out L's
Since I was a git
Opposition know that I'm legit
"I carry that muscle"
"So linе up the flex"
So smooth when I movе
Keep my cool never stressed
Get that Ora-Ora
If they come for my neck
Get you act in order
Better come in correct
"Got the Motorola"
"Just hit the connect"
I said Ora-Ora
When I hit it connects
"I mean order order"
"Can't nobody object"
"I destroy ya over"
"End ya life with the pen"
"Light em up like a star"
"When the platinum burst"
Don't waste time I attack em first
The world's mine
Story ends when you leave this earth
So please disperse
I punch all I leave is dirt
Your life's a plague
I'll stand to relieve his curse
In other words
Layman's terms
He'll need a hearse
Pest that I need to purge
Burn to ash he don't last
To see the urn
I been the greatest
"Heavyweight when I carry the steel"
Even your girl know that I'm ill
I'm cold emotions never revealed
Expression I'm always keeping it chill
Moves I always gotta conceal
Hide em so well I swear it's a skill
It's the reason that I'm a threat in the field
"I feel like a Fabvl"
That's told by your parents
The feats that I've managed
You cannot imagine
Can't handle the damage
You'd die if I land it
My "dps" is something truly outlandish
"I'm a mac dog"
You getting capped
And that's no cap with the cap on
I just let it burn like Avdol
At your funeral I got the cap on
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