"My Squad"

Intro (Frazer):
PSN or Xbox Live, I'll take you on
Search-destroy or Zombies, I'm never alone
MP5 right on me, I'm all in my zone
Drop shot, boy I'll hit you in yo' dome

Pre-chorus (Frazer):
Yeah rewind, rewind that
Clip that kill 'cause it's stream night, my team might
Just catch a deal, uh 'cause we nice, yeah we tight
We play the field, don't deny when we online, we play like

Chorus (Frazer):
Ooh my squad, my squad, my squad
Aiming down a sight, I feel like I'm a god
My squad, my squad, my squad
Two, three, four, we gon' pop it off
Yeah, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold
This is War dog, my blood is froze, yeah
Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold
War, yeah

Verse 1:
Yeah, call up the squad get suited up, lobby stops when we walk in
XM4 when I'm in the cut, let it do all of the talking
Know that we're in your city when you hear that .556 sing
In the chamber bout to rack it back, pull the pin wipe the whole list clean
Keep it pristine
Skin shiny so my sh*t gleam
50 Cal yea that kick's mean
You don't want it with this team, it's our scene
They put fifty racks on my death bed, but I love the rush, I'm a savage
Keep a round in the chamber, hand on the Bible, y'all are just average
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