Guardians of the Galaxy (Power Rangers rap)


[Verse 1 - Daddyphatsnaps]
Listen who you gonna call when the world is in peril?
Be careful, for the fate of the world you can't’ settle
So what are your options? Well you have several
Transformers? Naw, need something more special
I like the big vessel though built outta metal
But I also need something on a small scale level
Gentle individuals with hearts of a rebel
Now that what I’m talking about well it's settled
Power Rangers a group of 5 teenagers
The worlds saviors, when Rita's crеw release dangеrs
Let me introduce you, don’t need to be strangers
In this chamber, I’m Zordon and these haters
Are Rita Repulsa, her crew will insult ya
With plans that don’t even make sense, I indulge her
Persistent little criminal the ranger individuals
Are in this pivotal spot, to stop any visible
Imbeciles causing Critical damage or keep it minimal
Physical limits fixable, using gimmicks additional
Integral pieces mixable building vicious invincible
Megazord it’s the pinnacle fighting machine its mythical
Pitiful villians miserable figures when unequivocal power
Is in your visual literal analytical miracle
The original finagle, when you’re losing the mission stowwwww
Into the armor Into battle here we go!

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