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"Red Summer"

[Verse 1]
Summers dream and the night stands still
Waiting patiently on the hill
Just take my hand
All these faces turn into sand

[Verse 2]
Follow me to a land I made
Sightless eyes in this synthetic shade
Watch as you fall into my arms
Peaceful charm safe from harm
Can you breathe?
"The sky can't hold us all"
I won't leave
"I won't let you fall"

Will you lay with me?
The lies I'll shine
And never mourn
I'm not strong enough
Can I wish that I could save them all?

[Verse 3]
Well, I know someone somewhere is meant for you
Drowning in the dark pool
Body and mind not ready for love
Buried in ravens, hoping for doves
If someone somewhere could pick me up
I'm drowning in a pool of blood
Into the deep end, ready to swim
I'm ready to let the water in

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