Hulu Doesn’t Just Have Live Sports

Dame D.O.L.L.A.

Hulu doesn't just have live sports
It's a lifestyle (You feel me?)
Switched to the stream so it's hype now (It's lit)
I watch what I want every night now (Every night)
Can't decide with the options that I got now

Got shows (Got shows)
Different kinds (Different kinds)
New originals (New)
All the time (All the time)
Big movies (Big movies)
On my mind (On my mind)
It's my lifestyle (Lifestyle)
All the time (Dame D.O.L.L.A.)

[Verse 1]
Swimming in my money, I could never get enough
Told my nephews pay thеy bills with these buck (On Hulu)
Being honеst, my mils walkin' to the bank, that's a promise
Now I'm in my lane, I just slam, that's ironic (Bow)
Pass the remote, gotta see what's on (What's on)
Flip to a game, you gon' see me on (For real)
Over sixty-five channels, Hulu showin' off
I wasn't puttin' on 'til I turned cable off (Cut it off)
I got the internet and that's all I need (Need)
Entire streaming' library, what you tryna see? (What you tryna see?)
It's more than live sports, it's a lifestyle (It's a lifestyle)
They gave me a bag so it's hype now (It's hype)
They gave me the sauce, now I'm dripped out (I'm dripped out)
So many shows and originals, I lost count (Lost count)
Gotta get the money, I don't need clout (Don't need it)
You know what time it is, don't ever doubt

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