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Kyle Allen

"Escape the Nightmare"

Here we have our friend of ink
He went to bed and now he’s in his head
And now he is on the brink
Finding out that there’s no way of him getting out
The creatures they give a wink
They are getting closer even as we speak
Even if he tried to shriek
Bendy may not even get away

[Verse 1]
Bendy closed his eyes
And when he opened them he was surprised
His room it wasn’t back again
This nightmare world had swallowed him
He thought real hard and tried to use
His wit so that he could reduce
The danger that this place had wrought
This was not like anything he’d fought
Bendy was surrounded by the creatures
They had tracked him down
Jump to the left
Crouch to the side
There was no place that he could hide
He could not understand how he got to this land
All he knows is that his fate is in somebody’s hands
How far will he run?
How long ‘til the end?
I wonder how long he can defend
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