Kyle Allen Music Medley lyrics

Kyle Allen

I've seen this place before
Behind my secret door
A place for my creations
Of robots galore
A sanctuary of work
In an underground floor
These memories hold me back
From something so much more

Bendy and the Ink Machine
Ahh ahh ahh
In a way you’ve never seen
Ahh ahh ahh
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Ahh ahh ahh
Better watch out or he'll make you scream
It's dark

Down to the basement we go
What’s that sound?
I don't know
I thought my Tattletail was in his home
Let's get you charged to your home
Battеries low
Get you spruced up
So wе can go

Come on down to Recording Town
We got the whole gang here, we're not sitting around
Take that frown, turn it upside down
I got the mic and now I'm coming down
Come on down to Recording Town
Where the magic is made and we wear the crown
Step right up and hear that boom boom pow
Come down, don't drown, this is our playground

Flow the ink
We're unstoppable now
We didn't know best
But now we know how
To bring to life
This marvelous band
With the slightest
Of hand
Now get up my children
And stand

Say that name won’t go to hell
Distort this world, making it your jailcell
Life’s an illusion so scream and yell
You thought I was gone, well I'm back, sweel
Don’t underestimate the power of spells
I'm back, baby, and you can't fortell

It's hard to celebrate everything
It’s all clear
We live in a puddle
Of fear
Our lives aren't jolly anymore
Or sincere
Simply just ink
And gears

Here we have our friend of ink
He went to bed, now he's in his head
And now he is on the brink
Finding out that there's no way of ever getting out
The creatures they give a wink
They are getting closer even as we speak
Even if he tried to shriek
Bendy may not even get away

It's going back, back, back, back
They've been through this before
It's going back, back, back, back
The final page of the lore
The sound of cheer
The need for fear
The souls of the kids are free
Rewind the tears

It's going back
Hey Bendy!
Hey Bendy!
Hey Bendy!

Bendyland, come take my hand
It's our world, built to be grand
The curtain falls and we'll have won
Nightmares chasing as we run
People turning one by one
We chase the demon
Now we begin to
Make it all undone

Now you're back
In this hellish job
Working all night long
For your life
We promise we're not monsters
We're not monsters
Hope we're not monsters
To you

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