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Aretha Franklin

"Dr. Feelgood (Live at Fillmore West, 1971)"

Does anybody feel like hearing the blues?

I don't want nobody
Always sittin' around me and my man
Is that right, girls? Anybody?
I tell you that I don't need nobody
Not always sittin' right there looking at me and that man
Now, be it my mother, my brother, my father or my sister
Would you believe I get up, put on some clothes
Go out and help them find somebody for their self if I can
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now, I don't mind company
I don't mind company, because company's alright with me
Every once in a while
Don't get me wrong, people
I really love company
Because company is alright with me
Every once in a great while
But, oh, ooh, oh, oh, ooh, oh
When me and that man get to lovin'
I love you, girls, but I don't have no time
To sit with you, and sit with you
And sit, and sit and chit chat and smile

Don't send me no doctor
Filling me up with all of those pills
'Cause I got me a man named Dr. Feelgood, yeah
Oh, oh, oh yeah
That man takes care of all of my pains and ills
Calling Dr. Feelgood
Because taking care of business
Is surely truly this man's game
Hello, mister
And after one visit to Dr. Feelgood
You'd understand why Feelgood is his name
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Good God Almighty, that man sure makes me feel real good
Good, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh
Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm, mmm...
It's gonna be, yeah, it's gonna be alright
Yeah, oh yeah, I got something but I guess we'll see
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh, yeah
I get a little fearful
About things I don't understand sometimes
Sometimes it's good
Oh, hear me now, it's good
Just sit there, cross your arms
Cross your legs, look on up to Heaven and say yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
People now, can I hear you say 'yeah'
If you understand some of what I mean, can I hear you say 'yeah'
Here one more time
Oh, one more time
If these feel alright, and they're feelin' mighty mighty nice to me right now
Oh, yes it does, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Come on and watch over me, yeah

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