Why So Serious

Alice Merton

[Verse 1]
When did we forget
All the crazy things that made us feel so part of it?
Our youth, so confident
We played our heartstrings, not caring if it ends
Try to learn to let go of all those things that tie you down
Get rid of it, the voice inside that tells me that
I'm scared, yeah, scared as sh*t
But I wanna let go of it now
So someone tell me

Why so serious? Why are we so serious?
Oh, why so serious? When did we get like this?
I still remember we weren't grown up like this
Oh, oh

[Verse 2]
I don't seem to get all the things that are happening
And I can't make sense of everything that's inside my head
But I keep on thinking, there's gotta be something said
Oh, seems we've lost it
That spark inside that tells us it's all nonsense
Stop being so cautious
With every mistake, there comes a lesson learned
So someone tell me

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