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"730 (Ryder Mix)"

Ha, Mula! (Only life is that Ryder Life)
These n*ggas ain't got no money, man (f*ck outta here)

[Verse 1]
These n*ggas ain't riding, these b*tches is sliding (b*tches is sliding)
You n*ggas is dying and I'm multiplying (And I'm multiplying)
I'm shooting the iron, the heart of a lion (The heart of a lion)
I'm cooking the coke, watch it jump in the Pyrex, jump in the Pyrex
You stuck it so quiet, these n*ggas is broke, they pockets on diets (Pockets on diets)
You can't deny it, pus*y ass n*gga, don't respect you for violence
(f*ck outta here)
Funeral service, the preachers, let me get moment of silence (Moment of silence)
We in her mouth, yeah, we killing these n*ggas just like the entires
730 (730), 730 (730)
My b*tch, crazy, man, she 730 (b*tches is crazy)
I gotta meet the plug at 11:30 (Pop it up)
I'm buying one brick, but he find a extra birdy (Extra birdy)
I got bricks, I got bricks (Mula!)
My amigo making keys, like locksmiths (Cocaine)
They talkin' bout us in the precincts, we hiatus (We on hiatus)
Name another n*gga hot, I'm just being honest (Mula!)
My real bad b*tch, looking like a Pocahontas
These n*ggas making threats, they ain't making no promise (f*ck outta here)
Drug dealer, thousand dollar outfit (Mula!)
I'd rather get caught with it than without it (Grrah)
I book a flight, I take your b*tch to Southbeach
Her and her friend, they done spent ten thou each
I f*ck her all night, in the penthouse suite (Slide)
And you don't own no foreigns, n*gga, that's a rent-out lease
Everyday, n*gga, I just burn a pound down (Stressed out)
My b*tch 730, she'll burn my house down (Crazy b*tch)
I got the hood on smash when I'm out of town (Mula!)
And I can get you anything when I'm not around (Cocaine)
I got choppers, and I got choppers (Grra)
When they shooting, it sounded like them helicopters (Blaow, blaow)
I leave 'em DOA, cops can't tell the doctors (No way)
And f*ck the DEA, 'cause I'm selling hella product (Mula!)
I'm smokin' on that oochie-oochie-oochie (Oochie)
These n*ggas pus*y, man, they don't really keep it Woozie (f*ck outta here)
These n*ggas actors, man, they don't wanna see a movie (They really don't)
It's Eastghanistan, you know I gotta keep a Uzi (Mula!)

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