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"Come On Over (Skit)"

Woman: Girl, we might as well see what's up with them n*ggas

Man: Hello
Woman: Hello
Man: Yeah, oh, oh, what's up?
Woman: Hey
Man: This 20, this 20. Oh, okay, yeah, yeah
Ludacris: Yeah, yeah, so what's up, man?
Man: So what's up, y'all going to come through or not?
Woman: Yeah, we going to come through there
Man: Alright, that's a bet. Let me go on and tell you how to get here. You ready?
Woman: Yeah
Man: Okay, you go.. Oh, sh*t. Let me let Chris tell you, hold on
Woman: Alright
Ludacris: Hello
Woman: Yeah
Ludacris: Yeah, okay, you go 85 south
Woman: Okay
Ludacris: You get off and old national highway, make a left. You going to come all the way down 'til you get to Creal Road. Make a right on creal
Woman: Okay
Ludacris: Then you just gom' to keep coming down. You going to see this big ass white mansion o the righthand side
Woman: Word
Ludacris: Hell yeah. It's going to be this convertible Jag' in the driveway, Range Rover all black. Hell yeah. We like right next door and sh*t in this hood house man. The door kind of f*cked up so you going to have to climb through the window. Is that cool?
Woman: What the f*ck? Hell no, n*gga

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