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From the power bestowed upon me by the third coast
Deep in the trenches of Atlanta where they learned most
You never heard before flows this extra ordinary
And if the burners blow foes is in the mortuary

Here to prevent the destruction of this rap music
Find a blank spot on my wall and put a plaque to it
I'm in the class all by myself nobody's messing with me
Feel free to ask about my wealth I got the weapons with me

So come and get me I'm here
Keep the semi-automatic near no need to fear I wipe out your windshield ‘til you see me clear
I ruin careers so hide away your tears no shook ones here until you look inside the mirror
Shift rap into second gear stood up and I volunteer now the industry's screaming but can you hear
The ladies just cheer sometimes their lipstick will smear ‘cause in my line of work this He-man needs a She-Ra

I've been appointed straight from the power of Grayskull
Believe the master of the universe gets great skull
I'm so ferocious chopping heads off with my battle axe
Got many faces give them whiplash when I battle Zakk
A diabolical technology like Skeletor
But trained in the art of throwing you through the cellar door
I'm checking off my enemies until I get them all
With powerful beams that disperse from my Ludacris-tal balls

Until the system falls their families will miss’em all kiss’em all goodbye and I try to warn all of ‘em
I guess I really p*ssed ‘em off peel the cap and twist them off if you got homies then call all of ‘em
These bombs are ticking them off fans are ripping them off your CDs ain’t purchased people just borrow ‘em
And me I'm dismissing them all really insisting they all quit and hurry up before tomorrow comes!

I've been unleashed from the belly of the beast man
Let's have a feast I'll put the toast up to your teeth man
With a flick of my wrist switches I'll activate
Turbo packs which insure me that your back’ll break
As Mekaneck neck extends straight up and bends
You'd be wishing you wore Depends and called a couple friends
I’ll conjure potions that surge power from my finger tips
Don’t get the notion I can give some middle finger tips

It’s just a gift from me to you and there's no telling what we would do
I keep the crew close by and their ready to clap clap
I keep the beef in the stew till they look like Winnie the Pooh
If you have no clue then I recommend that you get back back
See I'm only keeping it true that’s what real players will do
And I'll let the hollow just spew you'd be under attack tack
And then I'll bid you ado and probably send you a few flowers to your funeral no way to snapback

A place where sorcery science and magic intertwine
And where mysterious forces maintain the streets is mine
With special automatic armor that contains gadgets
No one can get to my level I think the game’s had it
I can transform bionic appendages
Challenge your thoughts with these metaphors and synonyms
I shoot game through the sky at amazing speeds
Helping the industry curve at the time of need

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