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"Pennies (The Updated Rosters Remix)"

[Verse 1 - Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish]
I'm callin' tellin' y'all how I did it like Derrick Rose
It's no sweat. n*gga, hang my coat up in the coat check
The pinewood boatdeck shine when the sun hit it
Waterproof finish? I ain't even wanna coach yet
With no stretchin' or the warm up drills
I'm jordan sweatsuit joggin', homie, guess who got 'em
In them black number sevens with the swiss cheese bottoms
The Damon Stoudemire blazer jersey is a problem
B-A-S-F flag fives and I called it
Like dog, psshh, when these come out
Nothin' to it, but to do it
Just stirring the pot
Stop, pop, jumpshot so sporty
Yo, I tried being average, it's just not for me
I told the lady, pour me anotha cup of the jungle juice
See, I need one or two, startin' five, comin' soon
n*ggas spittin' top five lines on the interlude

[Hook - Mikey & Chuck]
Kick it in the city when we in around town
Next door neighbors telling us that it's too loud
Now, neighbor, can you please just turn that mess down?
This is the sound of throwing pennies on the ground

[Verse 2 - Ludacris]
Diturbin' duh peace
That's what we do
Suprise n*ggas
Part two my speakers fine like wine
Tryin' tell me turn 'em down? You out yo mothaf*ckin' mind
Four fifteens, enough to make duh glass break
I hit a switch, the car strips and makes its ass shake
Bass and treble good. Need a lil' mid on it
Yo' flow's trash, tell dese n*ggas put a lid on it
I get a hundred a verse, so put a bid on it
Unless you're God or got a Cool Kid on it
Then I might do it for free
Cuz what dese b*tches do for dem dey might do it for me ha!
Luda! I'm duh captain of dis spaceship
Real hip-hop lives death to dis fake sh*t
And we hustle through recessions
It's debates about duh best
I'm duh answer, ain't no questions
I'm rich and dese junkies steady beggin' fo' a round
Well dis is duh sound of throwin' pennies on duh ground

[Verse 3 - Bun B]
I got a pocket full uh profit, and a wallet full uh wonda. (Wonda)
A brain full uh braun, and a focus full uh thunda. (Pause)
Duh brown dat be unda, man, dey know me as duh king
Make ya' head, (head), bells, and yo' cellphones ring
Feel duh sting as duh 808 bank up out this air. When
Faka' as I'm makin' maja' magic like I'm Irwin
Johnson and Johnson baby powder fresh
Duh trillest in duh game, (game), right here in duh flesh, n*gga
Yes. Think you fresh? I gotta tell ya' n*gga, no. (No)
My Jordan's numba nine, and my chain is finga roll. (Roll)
See I got bigga rims, bigga speakas, bigga dough
Not to mention when I flow, it's like I let duh trigga go. (Whoa)
I'm so sick wit it. Betta pass me duh Tamiflu
U-G-K for life, disrepect it and I'll be damned, if you. (Uhh)
We still too trill, so keep on wishin' boy
Bun-B, Ludcris and Cool Kids, we gone fishin'
Let's go

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