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"Nigerian Prince"

(Intro, Ludacris)
My Chick Bad, My chick hood, my chick do stuff that your chick wish she could x8

(Verse 1, Lil Hentai)
OOOH, Lil Hentai, YUH
Mmm, Yuh, Yeet, Yuh, Oou

Sippin’ on Lemonade Pink
Make your b*tch wetter than a bathroom sink
You ain’t even gotta brain, no time to think
Drown you in the sea now its time for a drink

Me and Ben be countin’ bands
I ain’t got any friends
I be puttin’ on the strap (strap)
No time to cap (cap)
Come here b*tch, give you a slap (slap)
Mmm, yeet, mm, uh

(Interrupting AdLib)
My Chick Bad

(Verse 2, MuslimSexLord)
My Chick Good
My chick do things that you wish yours could do
Ayy,ayy MuslimSexLord
Changed my name cuz i dont care

All of these n*ggas are tryna be my f*cking bestie
But i take a left and leave em hanging like a testie
Got that AR-15 so boy do not test me
Got that Glock 18 drum mag, now its getting messy

b*tch, i be, downing that Hennessy
b*tch, There Is, No Stopping Me
I’m Not Interested in She’s
I’m only into he’s

Found someone lookin up a girls skirt
I said, “hey, you gotta nice shirt”
Me car go skkrrt

(Verse 3)
Y’all know I’m a queer
b*tch, I’ll never drink beer
Whites never f*cking here
That sheep is getting sheared

I be trappin’ on red tube
Damn, I ran out of lube
Like zoinks Scoob?!
Whatever shall i do?

Me car go skkrrtt
That n*gga gonna get hurt
He continued to look up her skirt
Me car go skkrrt

(Verse 4)
This beat was made by a Jew
That Jew was probably lewd
b*tch you have the flu
Cuz you got it swallowing glue

All of us getting meningococcal shots
No real n*ggas getting popped
b*tch i go to the shop
But i leave cuz prices are over the top

b*tch sToP tryna flirt
But you still look up her skirt
Mate get away from her shirt
Me car go SKKRRTT!

My Chick is Good, Oou
My chick to stuff that you wish yours could do
My Chick Bad
My Chick Good
My Chick do stuff that you chick wish she could

Ludacris Featuring Nicki Minaj
My Chick Good, downloaded this track straight off YouTube
Ayy, Ayy, Ayy, Oou, Ayy, Ayy, See Ya Hoe!

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