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"Own It (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
I appreciate the finer things
Cut clarity, color up in my diamond rings
Million dollar wristwatch
Fresh as if I stepped out of a ziplock
Cause I feel women like trip knots
Now kick rock bop bop, lick shots in the air
I was a slumdog, who wants to be a millionaire?
Me n*gga
Now it’s every day is a holiday
Dollar day, behind my mama eatin' at Benihana day
Chillin' wit yo mama day
She said the sex is smelling like teen spirit
Ain't nothing like a Nirvana day
Cobain, suicide doors on a race
Why does cocaine 2 by 4 run the plates
Means for two of yo cars I can buy one of mine
Son of mine, I still have money to drop the top in the summertime
I’m that n*gga and you know that
Paparazzi shots, every moment is a Kodak
Throw it back, that’s what yo girl tryna do
She let me take off the dealy for a pair of Jimmy Choo
She like ODB style
Coming off the top of the dome like a freestyle
And I give it how she want it
And this ain't leased out but really b*tch I own it

[Hook: Mack Wilds]
Tell me where you wanna go
What you wanna do
Said we living it like we own it
Own it, own it
Said I'm on top of the world
And what I need is you
Said we living it like we own it
Own it, own it, own it

[Verse 2: Mack Wilds]
Nothing's too much
Words that I live by
And that's just how I do
Do, I do
I'm young right now
But I won't be forever
So I'mma live it up like that's true
You might wanna roll with me too

[Pre-Hook: Mack Wilds]
Said I don't mean to brag
But I live a life that most can only dream about, yeah
So baby come be my dream girl
Pick a fantasy and let me work it out, yeah, oh yeah


[Verse 3: Mack Wilds]
Its never too much
So just let the drinks flow
Later on you can come through
Through, come through
You know you're the flyest
They should call you your highness
And call me king cause I'm that dude
All you gotta do is leave your crew

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Bridge: Mack Wilds]
What you talkin' bout?
We run this town
We got it sewn up
Because we own it
What you talkin' bout?
You deserve this crown
We got it sewn up
Because we own it
Because we own it


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