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"Thumbs Up (How Many Fingers You Put Down)"

Tone It Up, Let It Down, What You Say Now
Is Just Not A Part Of Me May You Go Back...


[Verse: Ludachris]
Listen, Here's My Hands
Don't Give Me This Time To Live You
Cause I Ain't Going Back Where U Want Me To
So Its Easy Only If You Knew What U Got, Yo Mak It Mine


[Hook: Cordell Francis]
Child, You Must Be Out Of Your D-A-N-G Mind
Don't Get Me Wrong Cause (I Will) Tell You How Many Fingers
To Put Down And Look At The Upper Foot (Makes U Think Nothing)
Body Flex Yo Its The Party Man And The Finger Tip (WATS UP)

Thumbs Up
Fingers Down
There's Another Winner You (Lose) hahahaha yeah Check It Man

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