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"Uncut Cypher"

[Verse 1: Reek Da Villain]
Aye yo, weak minded b*tches fall victim because my charm's strong
Jazzy pair of Louis on my feet, Shoey Armstrong
Ma couldn't be my cheerleader with platinum pom-poms
She the type to misrepresent a king like Lebron's mom
Beating on my chest with a crown, King Kong Don
Langston Hughes, I write a poem that do the Bible Psalms harm
These other rappers want problems, then bring it on umm
This rapping beef is nothing, my studio's an Islam farm
And all cowards'll become victims of man
Keep a 5th of Remy and a stick of piff in my hand
Yeah they fly but I'm a pilot that no one can understand
Plus the way I go ham'll make a Muslim say 'Damn.'
Hustle hard, trips to Miami for three days
So I can meet with the connects and get the D. Wade
Run up in the Gucci store and drop 3k
You bum, I could get your whole outfit out of BJ's
Lyrical scientist, leaving mics with psoriasis
All this work that I'm sh*tting is Michael Myer's psychiatrist
Pyrics suppliacist, who be lying stiff when the iron spits
I come alone, just me and one 9 Johnny [Unitas]
And let my b*tch serenade through these slums
And blow so much loud, I need a hearing aid
For my lungs
And as far as metaphors, rate this
I was a snail til haters threw salt on me and I dissolved into greatness

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
What goes around comes around like a hula hoop
Hair weave killa, I'll show up to your funeral
All this work, I need a cubicle
Clear coat cuticle, different color diamonds like a Rubix Cube
If this was New Edition, I'll be Bobby Brown
Put the check over your head and call it Nike Town
How could I be down, Free Boosie, wipe me down
My credit card is black and proud
I've been trapping since Rocsi had the ankles out
I'm going to the money and I took the paper route
Uh Yeh, I'm hood approved and I'm street tested
You a nobody............ anorexic
If you stay next to me, you're close to a blessing
So, I'm guessin, I could get arrested -
For aggravated flexing, with all this ice on
My mic on, I apply pressure like a python
And everybody know this that body flow, bench press, cardio
They try to cramp a n*gga style like a Charlie horse
Yeh, they plot on you, and they drop on you
I put a Glock to your eye and call it glaucoma
Bow! From 30 nights of sipping dirty sprite
I call this sh*t Bluetooth because I don't need a mic, 2 Chainz...

[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
I said "Please Stephen Hill, don't even put me in a cypher.'
There's only one outcome when I get a little hyper
You gonna start seeing n*ggas getting nervous with they shook ass
Yop! Yop! Yop! Cause I'm merciless with the whoop ass
Don't get shook now, what you sliding for
Soon as you slide, you getting stuck like a n*gga was sliding doors, Bing!
A f*cking park in my coupe
b*tch I can come and run circles around you dudes like I'm stirring the soup
Better move from out my way before you n*ggas get pushed down
When these wack n*ggas spit you be hearing a 'shoosh' sound
Not 'shoosh', when you wanna hear young n*ggas on their come-up
But shoosh lil homie, SHHHHH-Shut the f*ck up!
I see through n*ggas more then a little, your translucent
You know I come for blood like n*gga need a transfusion, bing!
Listen good, I hope you hear me on these features
Murk your face with dark and brown spots like brick oven pizzas
You n*ggas make me wanna wrap my fingers round triggers
I skin cliques and make leather jackets out of rap n*ggas
Damn it! I crashed, planets like asteroids
The witnesses be watching you be doing them foul boy
I shrink n*ggas down to size, smaller then altoids
And remain the reason the people be makin wild noise
I bodybag you until I'm done with this sh*t
And tell the truth, I'm at the point, I'm having fun with this sh*t
Making families really looking, and somebody's really checking
We left him laying stiff in the frozen meat section
Im on my pinky ring floss
b*tches be callin me cat-daddy, when they want to speak to the boss
Whips matching the rubix cube color
So many rings on both of my fingers, now they calling me Ring-A-Ling brothers
Spit venom to the people's enjoyment
Squeeze n*ggas til their head pop, have these n*ggas leaking like ointment, bing!
What the fire be sparking
Have you laying next to your man like both them n*ggas parrellel parking
Wanna act tough, hope you n*ggas know what you starting
WOOF! You got a dog, or is it a barrel we barking
They got a god, pull a threat with these bars
Got chicks from here to Morroco, skin color Hennesy bronze
If you dudes really thinking your low key
Closest you really would get to shining is when your shining my trophies
Fortunate for you dudes, I'm knowing your whole steez
n*ggas front and do nothing, babble and blow weed
When I see dollar
Green money tint, Mark Jacobs leather suit
Strutting motherf*cker, my money sick
Rènado Slim money, we famous now
Money freaking so long, dude got a crib on Uranus now
You really need to f*ck with me to fall back
Or I'll skin you n*ggas, lay you out just like a leapord skin format now
If you ain't knowing how I'm handling n*ggas now
I ain't fighting no more, I stuff animal n*ggas now, gone

[Verse 4: Ludacris]
Yeah, slow it down real quick I want them to understand every word
(Beat slows down)
Slow it down if you moving too fast
Any rapper talk slick I'll Tami Roman his ass
Smackdown vs RAW, lets battle to the death
Or whoever wants to see more bars then DMX
Parents mad cause I cuss at times
Or is it cause I keep a spliff like Busta Rhymes
If you mention MCs, Luda's in the best of em
I'm a stay hard til I die like Hugh Hefner
Magnum sponsored, I'm longer then a marathon
Call me Mega like the head of the decepticons
In my prime like Optimus, rock to this
Chain Hungover like Zach Galifianakis
They say Luda's in the movies, why he rapping still
Cause I need more jaguars then Jacksonville
More bills than Buffalo from my flow
And more blue jays then Toronto
Ludacris I made soccer moms rap
Albums, I drop 8 like Octomom's snatch
Hardly clubbing when I do I be flexing
I be in the cut, that's a Luda C-Section
Yall get your strings pulled, im the orchestrator
Cause I got it made like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Get it, I'll terminate a super-duper man
Kill yourself if you ain't no damn Luda fan

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