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"Hood Billionaire (Freestyle)"

Yeah, boss sh*t
Turn it up
Lyrical exercise
They be like "Luda how come I don't see you out that much?"
Let me tell you somethin' n*gga

I ain't even gotta come inside the club, n*gga
Pull up in the Lamborghini Aventor door just to f*ck wit' cha
I see your chick she see my candy drippin' and me ridin' chrome
Give a little bit of this game and next thing we ridin' home
I press a button my car drop
Press another button my car stop
Women give me that soft bottom
And I do away with that hard top
Gettin' good brain, whippin' wood grain
Swervin' all up and around your hood man
No bullsh*t, you wanna trade the heat?
Then I got the nine like Luol Deng
Shooters goin', n*gga dunk that
Fifth of 'yac, I drunk that
Livin' legend all on the mic
And none of you n*ggas will ever become that
My car shakin', my trunk peak
Ain't even a need to compete
While you ride in the back of your boy ride
Your b*tch all in my front seat, ahh!

What's in the past is history, what's in the future is a mystery
In other words don't love me for what I've done
Love me for what the f*ck I'm 'bout to do, n*gga
Yeah, "Burnin' Bridges" December sixteenth
Exclusively on Google Play biatch
"Ludaversal" March thirty first
I ain't playin' with you n*ggas

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