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"Intro (1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time)"


[Verse: Ludacris]
They say that real recognize real -
And I'm as real as they come, don't ever doubt me
You ain't never seen, read, or heard no fake sh*t about me
I'm a G! So all you hoes can eat a di*k up and die
While I puff the magic dragon, heat the weed up and fly
Tuck your tail between your legs, ya'll ain't made for this sh*t
Worth a hundred million dollars, ya'll ain't paid for this sh*t
I'm talking Empire Building, we got Prada flows
And y'all so pus*y you should fit in Lady Gaga's clothes
Nobody really wanna go there with me
Nobody really wanna say my name
Nobody wanna put the pedal to the metal
And meet me up in the ghetto we can throw them thangs
When I come up to the spot, in the drop top
With the Glock c*cked, that'll make a n*gga pop lock
Ludacris, I'mma hot shot, straight up out the block
With a knot that'll get a n*gga block knocked (OW!)
Somebody tell 'em that I ain't playin with 'em!
Put a pus*y n*gga 6 feet deep in the ground and you'll be layin with 'em
I just been watchin over, from my mighty throne
Ya'll Roberto Duran, so just leave it alone

No Mas! No Mas!

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