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"I'm The Truth"

[Intro: Ludacris]
Don't get it f*cked up...
Over 15 million sold, damn it
I don't plan on stopping no time soon
I'm at the end of my deal, goddamn it
Look here mayne

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
I'm the truth what I speak shall set you free
First boy to put a booth inside his SUV
So now I'm rapping and riding at the same time
Hitting hydraulics in your neighborhood
My car is throwing gang signs
Flip the switch and unleashed the top
I got the key to my city and unleashed the block
We put some keys in the hemi and it unleashed the cop
Then we unleashed the AKs, and they put down they Glocks
So many whips stopped think it was a roadblock
Trunk filled with more stuffin' than a stove top
Go-go gadget, click-click, I got them robots
And di*k for the b*tches served hard, they'll get cold-c*cked
Ludacris n*gga, don't get it twisted ho
Your money short, my sh*t is standing on its tippy-toe
And you's a silly ho, thinking I won't split ya
I'm like Picasso on the mic, get the f*ckin' picture

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