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"Don't sell molly no mo' (Freestyle)"

[Intro: Ludacris]
Ha, new year, new album coming soon, yes
I got a lot more sh*t to say man...

[Verse: Ludacris]
Reviews is out and Burning Bridges EP got 'em 5 stars
So wake up if you sleepin', Luda got them 5 bars
Every week you ain't never seen a n*gga drivin' less than 5 cars
Got money about of this world, b*tch I'm tryna buy Mars
I told NASA build a spaceship and just fill that sh*t with cake
Pop that pus*y on a hand stand but droppin' it out of space
Strippers floatin' on the ceiling, they don't even need a pole
Got 'em high up off that white, and I ain't even need a stove
I'm cooking heat for the 2015 and got that new album seekin' (Ludaversal!)
Pictures of me and my wife just got that internet geekin'
I ain't reachin', I'm just tryna tell you n*ggas how it goes
Welcome to my life as I explain it through my flows, here we go
I started out at 16 gettin' paper, Made myself made millionnaire
I ain't never gave a f*ck about a hater
They sayin' Why is Luda always talking about his duckings? [?]
'Cuz rappers tend to forget and I gotta remind these motherf*ckas
I'm a Boss, I'm a floss, I'm a talk about it every chance I get
Top 5, dead or alive I'm a show you n*ggas every time I spit
Y'all ain't never seen top flight n*gga like me
I be on my jet in a three piece suit, no mo long white Tee's
I'm a hustler, I'm a true definition of a G
When you children grow up, then gon' be like me
So I'm livin' everyday and try to set the best example
And everyone of your favorite rapper's f*ckin' head is on my mantle b*tch, Biaatch !

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