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Lil Baby

"Emotionally Scarred"

[Verse 1]
A love letter came through the mail, it said, "I miss you"
I ripped it up and flushed with the tissue, try to forget you
I ain't got nothing against you, we human, we all got issues
But I'm tired of being tired of being tired
That part of me done died

I see it, then I don't, act like I'm blind
I'm confident it won't be one of mine
I know emotions come with lies, so I tell the truth all the time
Ain't got no sympathy for no b*t*h
I admit that I'm rich and I'm lit
Jumpin' up on stages, I get two hundred an occasion
Bro had really f**ked the game up, we made n***as shut they trap down
They see how I made it, I'm the reason they won't rap now
See me out in traffic, make a hater pull his hat down
The biggest OG's salute me, a stylist can't even style me
The robbers probably wanna get me, I'm hoppin' out Lamborghinis
The youngins turn in my city, they try me, I get it cracking
Some of this still would happen if I never had started rapping
My people them still steady trapping and they still be getting active
I tell 'em to chill, I'm tryna run up these M's
Paid cash and then he post the crib (Nah)
I can't show nobody where my mama live, that's how I 'posed to feel
My niece just asked me were my diamonds real, I said, "Of course"
I just played the hand that I was dealt, didn't have to force
All around the world they know it's me, they hear my voice
And I done it all in a pair of Diors, yeah
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