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Lil Baby

"Do Me*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Cook that sh*t up, Quay

Order lunch in the Jewish community
I won't tell on the bros with immunity
Playin' victim, that sh*t ain't gon' ruin me
I'm the only out that I do be
I got hoes by the group tryna do me
My life like a movie, get hit in the water
Don't gotta put in no work, I send orders
[?], I'm livin' my [?]
We swipe 'em and keep 'em, no Dora the Explorer
I'm Baby and I'm turnt, and I keep me a lawyer
My baby, my whip cost two-fifty, I'm splurgin'
Got five million cash just in case there be murderers
Right here, n*ggas kill, get away, they be purgin'
It happened like this, I ain't did it on purpose
[?], which one of you workin'?
I turned on my group, all the group all some virgins
I'm tired of these...

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