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Lil Baby

"Feel My Drip / FMD"

SOB Hijo

I was down down down down
I was down to the ground I ain’t make no sound
I ain’t speak out loud
n***a look at me now
I can make ah thousand for ah freestyle
Don’t get the price twisted
This only the beginning
I’m only ah rookie
By 2020 I’m making the millions
By 2030 I’m making the billions
My young n***as killing
We super civilians
We chancing the millions
We changing the billions
We want sh*t we see on tv
Rappers wit the vvs
n***as In the streets
Sell weed make the green
Foreign whips no ting ling
Bougee b*t*h call her fegee
I wanna b*t*h who bad
Ah b*t*h who not mad but glad
She working to make her own cash
b*t*h get off yo ass
Ion want no stripper, Ion want no girl who gotta make ah only fans
I ain’t judging
Believe I ain’t judging
I got n***as thugging
I got n***as blooding
I got n***as kuzzing
I got n***as drumming
I’m just saying I want ah girl who can keep her body covered
Ion want ah pornstar
Ion want hoe
Ion want ah Thot
Ion want ah prustitute
But we changing the same thing we only want the money
n***as they be hating but they sweet just like honey
Ion pay them attention the money I’m chasing, I know that they itching to steal the sh*t from me
They fukk wit me they end up missing or up in ah clinic I kick sh*t like Dennis n***a I ain’t finish
I got n***as blooding
I got n***as kripping
My n***as love em
My n***as not tripping
I got the purple but I ain’t mixing
I got that purple wearing gold like ah Laker
My n***as blood and black like ah blazer
pu**y n***as is ah hater
Going for the number 1 spot if they don’t let me in I’ma take that pu**y like ah raper
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