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Lil Baby

"Don’t Wanna Do It"

(Section 8 just straight cooked this motherf**ker up)

I was on the utter when I slowed down because it's more to come
n***a was talking down, was calling me now, I can't pick up the phone
Before I leave the house I wanna do it but I gotta grab my gun
Before I leave the house I wanna do it but I gotta grab my gun
Fourteen I been traumatized, that's the year I lost my one
Turned into a Fairly Oddparent, this blicky be my one
Point at you, you disappear, including my teeth
I got a quarter mill' from ear to ear

[Verse 1]
I'm up in my Wraith, ain't takin' nothin' less than six figures
Cleaning up my circle, think I'm down, I'm down to six n***as
She thought it was cooler on the other side, she switched pillows
Trappin' out road in the house, I've been runnin' with a lil' Phillipe
Ain't nobody caught nobody but they all killers
Happy what you throwing out, I'ma take the fall with you
Spend some, have to save it, you can't take it all with you
But you can leave it to your kids, I'll never do another bih, I'm just tryna do it big

[Verse 2]
I'm keeping my composure, ain't no n***a out here gon' make me run
I told you that was in my bag, I let that bih know I'm shootin' my guns
Deaf before the sound, I'm taking that, yeah, this young n***a goin'
The sound slowin' the [?] so I can sound but I went to the stone
I got n***as in the hood at it, they gotta think 'bout what they own
I'm rappin', people think I'm gone, I'm workin' at bed and sleep at home
Cartier hittin' on my arm, wide and rose, I look too tall
I'm maintainin' my image so every day I gotta put that drip on
Blick into my closet, my blicky [?]
See, in gang you can't be in the hood and broke, I'll make you get on
If they heard you got them bands, I guarantee they put no sticks on
sh*t crazy, they ain't care the way you love beatin', why I flip on you
Somebody told me 'bout my life, so why would they hit your clip on?
You see the more that I ain't f**ked up, they can't wait and hear I slip
On my [?] from the block, all I know, but it's all the real
I'm tryna motivate n***as I [?] in my songs, I'm gettin' tipsy
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