Never Fold (Snippet)

Lil Baby

Last night i had a talk with god, i hope he listened
Sometimes i feel like the devil he really out to get me
Can't let him catch me, i'm tripping up my f**king position
I'm looking up in to the sky, i know them angels with me

[Verse 1]
My opposition hate me, yeah you know a n***a shinning
I never knew i get paid off the sh*t i'm rhyming
I'm steady loosing myself, you know i gotta find me
And real recognise real, and you'll never find me
I was just up in Memphis, now i'm posted on a Beamer

[Verse 2]
n***as wanna kill me, so i'm clutching on my heater
I will f**k that, b*t*h i'm strapped up
Two Glocks if a n***a wanna act up
These n***as fake they'd act up, can't f**k with the cappers
I'm a deamon soul, but i got a soul
If you run up on me, Imma wipe your nose
Standing Ten tolds, i will never fold
Got a hundred Glocks, thats a 4-4
Hoe, none of my n***as will rico
My main b*t*h, she a freak hoe
Got fifty shots when i load up the choppa
Hit your ass with a Zeebo
I was in the jam i ain't say sh*t
When it come to Glocks the okay sh*t
Dread hate killers they hating
They fighting open cases

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