Drip drop lyrics

Lil Baby

Ayy we walk out with them gucci flip flops
When they see me see i be walking with that drip drop
Its Anna lee you know imma criss cross
When i rich walk with that drip
Only messin wit my own B
You know he comin wit dem sticks
I'm only doing my part. Negros can’t say its my fault
I pray to god that I am smart
Me my friends ride to the end
We bump like we some go karts
Take your time to figure me out
You know i'm the only clout
Tell my N**** watch his mouth
Can't say that I don’t bang
But I ain't with the game
I just came for the money, dont care about the fame
Ohh, I come from the south
Yeah hold down my soul
On school me and my friends had to be on parole
No body was there to hold me
They always says my hearts Ice cold nah
Couldn't believe that you could've told me
They already now my goal. Hah hah
With them them Bananas, I got the Glocks
Sorry all my concerts run out of stock
AYY uhhh
With them gucci flip flops, you already know imma make you criss cross

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