Craig Mack
Yo! MTV Raps (Final Episode Freestyle)
(Doctor Dre Intro)
...The best thing about Yo! MTV Raps is when we used to break into freestyle sessions. (no doubt, no doubt) We got one of the masters of the freestyles right here for us. We're gonna kick it off right now. DJ Skribble on the 1 and 2. We're gonna start off with the master of the rap game right here, Rakim is in the house...

(cross talking)

Ya know, nahmean, Ed Lover, ? we gonna set it, big up to Brooklyn, Strong Island, nahmean, the last platoon, nahmean, and uh we gonna set it like this, check this here

New days are dawnin', new ways of performin'
Brain stormin' I write watchin' night turn ta mornin'
I gather wisdom, with deeper matter in 'em
My thought pattern collision speeds up your metabolism
Rushed with adrenaline, plus how long has it been again
To be in the state of mind that Rakim is in?
It's off limits, but I can getcha there in minutes
Follow the paragraph chemist until I'm finished
Cuz i got the ledges, notebooks is rough around the edges Smoothed out for listenin' pleasures
I describe my concept over beats you can visualize
To catch the vibe in the streets
Techniques, your 9 ta 5 been updated
Ya best technology gotta be upgraded
My ? for centuries down the line
I'm kickin' rhymes and I come wicked every time!

Check, check, check, check
Going out, going out with respect
This is the last show so we gotta catch
Man check this out, I'd like to give a shout out to Ted Demme for originating this whole thing
I'm lethal, dominate the microphone I speak through
I'm writing for the people, so bite it if you need to
I can see through, and see that
You saw an MC and tried to be that
That MC you saw was me, can you believe that?
And agree that, true lyrics will always suffice
And real meaning rhymes equal actual life
It's the true essence of ebony, chase the record sales G
Some things will peel off, other things are meant to be
I bet they'll mention me in the next century
KRS-One, innovator in early rap poetry
Simultaneously you will be forgotten
While in the year 2000 Criminal Minded will still be rockin'

Pa** the mic off to [?]
Who's about to catch it [?]
Yo Serch, you wanna catch wreck on MTV?
What's up G?

(Erick Sermon)
Check it out 1-2
Erick Sermon's in the house
Check it

Now I insist I come through with the force
Of course, and make the front cover of The Source
'Tell the World my Name' like K-Solo
And do promos and let the press catch my photos
Realistically, I'm before my time
I'm blessed, I'm hung low so mind ya business
Who you with (hehe), the incredible, simplistic, highest statistic
Characteristic rapper who's explicit
In fact, I make the planet rock like Bambaataa
No other rapper do it but E double-dot-a
Huh, I represent from New York
Undercover, Bronx selling
And have Keith Murray ?
Huh, the way I recruit ? like ?
And cream 'em, and get the money like I'm Shaolin
Huh, my style is mentally scarred from constant charade
But this year I'm getting paid
(Chubb Rock)
1-2, 1-2, 1-2
They call me Chubb Rock
Yes I be rockin'
When I get into trouble I will call Johnny Cochran
For nothin', murderin' what
Head-b***in, my nappin'
My rappin' rules Manhattan everyday
My first name is Richard but don't call me Bank
I'm not a pimp with a shark skin suit with ?
I'm strictly millions like Bubba Gump shrimp
I was running like Gump ? forest
Like Mike Tyson ? kept pumpin'
Even though his muscles was buildin' near children
The upbringing, found him on the streets now livin'
Boulevard, Bed Stuy and do or die and act hard
While the poorer kids trying to pull your guard
? drown in the ? until Baywatch turns into ?
Never run, run, never ? up no gun son
Pure respect with the mic check son
Two ?

(MC Serch)
Yo MTV Style
Check it, check it, check it out
Now check it
I hear kids screamin' they want weed to be legalized
Why you givin' money to the government we makin' on the side
Life lessons gettin' learned, the night gets burned
How is the Earth round yet my world don't turn
Everything's the same game, honeys layin' in the Hilton
Playin' farmland, waitin' for the man to slip the milk in
Built in reflex, to write about playin' and hustlin'
But no matter where we go we get treated like smugglers
Bringing in narcotic through cellophane wrap product
Yo it's like Sam Goody, you know where you got it
Just seem like a creep, so slide like grease
To a place in the East where we can dine and feast
Big Serch with the plan takin' your crew individual
Don't have to iron horse ? I got to burn down the terminal
Like that!

(commercial break)

Word it up, word up
Aiyyo everybody in this motherf- will get touched
F such and such, I roll tight like handcuffs
Rock that a** to sleep with discrete techniques
I beez that, freak of the week like I made Knee Deep
Hold up! Rotate around the solar, badder than Cobra
Composure never sleeps, my stream pumps Folgers
I'm sautéein' MCs with fried rice up in the wok
Without the MSG and chopped celery
See, I made it, my flavor situated
From the nickel plated mic that's hot, to leave your brain inflated
Plus, I'm thick like Quakers on papers
Bodacious MCs get turned to lower cases
Lettering, and the medicine, that I'm hollerin'
Get you hollerin', like Marvin Gaye when his father shot him
In the chest, I roll with two stacks of Tecs
And mad n***as in sets that'll roll up in your rest, ha!
My man 'Tical', hear me now
B*t*hes used to play me, now they can't forget me now!

(Method Man)
Yo, yo
Check it out, check it out now
Check it now, check it out
My mind's on the rhyme, ain't a damn thing funny
Gettin' money, Blaze represent, kills the fraudulent
Sucker giving me the grill
Nowadays everybody trying to keep it real
4th Disciple, hit me with that 30/30 rifle
Beats from the streets mega-trifle
Rap gymnastics, flipping from the cradle to the casket
Take another pull, fantastic
It's the Method not the plastic, Man
Coming down like hourgla** sand, check the tactic
Flow P.L.O., now you know
The ultimate and rhyme legitin'
Peep the counterfeitin' or get snake bitten
Filled up with deadly venom, Johnny Blaze get up in 'em
Play 'em out like Lee denim, can you dig it?
Can a brother eat, can I live it?
Gets no deeper, whoever slipping get the sleeper
Hold, faces of death, bodies cold
On some Evil Dead part 2, swallow your soul
Yeah and you don't stop
Extra P hah

(Extra P aka Large Professor)
Keep it real with yourself yo
Check it out kid
Here's the situation
Yo, listen
About as deadly as a nine, here to rock mankind
Like a landmine with the ill sh*t that I design
Professor, keeping sucker chump crews under pressure
Like this girl I know, but yo, I can't stress her
Cause I'm cool like that, matter fact even cooler
Opposite of sun [?], nothing to do with a [?]
And Keena, you can catch me joyriding on Kissena
As I keep the compet**ion mind up in between a
Rock and a hard place, and just like a car chase
I'm action packed with the drama of Scarface
I'm real, check it like this
Keep it real kid
Man, Special Ed

(Special Ed)
Yeah I wanna send this one out to all the Crooklyn'est
Represent for the dollar cabs ?
All the real A-rabs come to this country to die ya know what I'm saying?
Yo check this out, yo

Time to open up shop, and get richer
I'm gettin' witcha, hold on I gotta roll on
I'll be right back, I gotta fight the wack
Surround the track, now we got 'em in the corna
Beat 'em and feed 'em to whoever you wanna
Cause I don't keep the waste, I just beat the taste out your face
Then walk away the New Yorker way
You know the scrimmage, you know the image
You know the damage, you know the extent, I represent
I'm makin' your soul shift as if I was a myth
Revelation, premeditation, tight organization
Cause n***as ain't got it all
They shot it all in a dice game
Until the lights came
And then the war was on
Then the pigs and they wigs and they car was torn
Like tissue, Army issue, it's official
On enemy lines I sign my initial
And I'm on the front-line, who want mine?
This approach, I'm stompin' and it's out like a roach
On the other hand I know (censored out) that'll hit 'em
Kids gettin' smoked like Meth on the rhythm
So whatup, whatup, who's next to rock it?

(Craig Mack)
Craig Mack is next to rock (haa!)
Craig Mack is next to rock
We rip the funk like that y'all
We gonna kick it on down like that
Uh-1-2 y'all
Put your hands in the air...for MC
I stretch the funk like my name is Plastic Man
Eating other brothers out the motherf**king can
I got the venom like the snake's got the venom, I put it in 'em
Faces turn bluer than my denim
But don't look down though my name is David Banner
(Flipping) green on the mic cause they can't control my gamma
So stop hogging us, Mack's the erogenous
So rap full grown, see us the acrogynous
There ain't a rapper liver than this rebel
Boys don't carry treble, eat MC's like a vegetable
Rocket fuel stepping on the pedal
Heavier than medal, life's stronger waiting for the sun to settle
King MC, you can ask the LORD
Funk rhymes you can't afford
I get down busier for the 9-5-1-2-3 live on MTV