Craig Mack
Bouta' set this sh*t into flames yo' I ain't going easy bro Imma' just wear some pairs of yeezys yo' this gon' be good

Bouta' go ultra
Bouta' Say extra stuff
G-Sh*t yo'

My d**k ain't small like the Word micro I ain't no michael I'm going psycho I'm f**king white hoes I'm fingering them you may think thats gross but this the future we live in this the sh*t we kicking don't you see the diete Is me so get on yo' and praise me my flow stinging like a bee I'm raising In popularity like some f**king tree this flow ain't quite low I'm wearing a robe I'm filming sex in the bed with a gopro now here I go bouta' set this place into flames bouta' start the f**kin' show It's bouta' burn everywhere and here so motherf**kers bouta' unzip and take off there coat now I see a girl wearing lipstick but as soon as I realized that b*t*h had a D**k my flow on charts bro Dip sick now I be hiding Un the shadows In Chicago or In Idaho eating a buffalo and making a b*t*h deepthroat, Inside of her my d**k light up and glow I ain't no sicko I ain't no n***a you can sleep on like a pillow

Destroying this beat
I'm just sleep
I'm wildin' out b*t*h (2x)

[Verse 2]
I'm outdoors going to get comics at a bookstore little did I know there was a drugstore therefore I drank that sh*t unaged because I was a f**kin' sophomore and I asked for more and I drank that sh*t and I was dizzy I was In some f**kin' spell some wizardy my eyes we're red they felt sore I didn't know what to do anymore, I was all wet since me and crips poured that sh*t like a seashore for real n***a I went insane I started war everywhere my homies where drop dead Bloods and crips shooting all of them where dead on the floor motherf**kers where dead they wanted drugs on the shelf thats what Those motherf**kers fell for now I took a Cruise I went to places I ruined sh*t It seemed like people who Saw me break things raged quit N***a I killed people in a f**kin' tour I Made em' N***as heart Pump Like on the chest you could see some big a** f**kin' tumor

F**k that was hard
Ain't easy
Aye (2x)
I Already hear that lce cracking I ready here the motherf**kers out there boats attacking I already hear my b*t*hes pu**y smacking Imma' cut the slacking yo' B*t*hes body built like a fraction that b*t*h full of attraction that little hoe just want some good a** boner type Sh*t reactions

Thats a f**kin' flow
Yuh (2x)

It was fun while it lasted