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Nico Santos & Broiler

"Goodbye To Love"

[Verse 1]
It's a quarter to one
And we're screaming at the top of our lungs
Who's right, who's wrong?
Doesn't matter when the love is gone
We've been here before
Heard that slamming of our bedroom floor
What are we fighting for
When hopes are on the floor?
I'm broken in pieces
Got a war in the rooms of my heart
Now I can see it
It's time to pack it up and fold the cards
I try not to need it
But the reality kicks in hard
When hearts stop beating
You gotta leave it

Goodbye to love
Thought it was better with a broken heart
Goodbye to love
But it's so damn hard to restart
Goodbye to love
I tried to stitch it up a billion times
But there's no happy end now for the story of you and I
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