Lyrics from Snippet

Yuh, uh (Haha)

Moncler, b*t*h, I wear the fur, I cannot compare (Uh-uh)
Big sticks with the big clips, hit it, itty b*t*h (Yuh)
Silly b*t*h, you can't be with me, back up off of me (Uh-uh)
Knock a tooth, maybe one or two, b*t*h, I'm off the juice (b*t*h)
Walk around like a soldier boy with the f**kin' troops (Yuh)
Stay low with my choppa, bro, when the [?]
[?] pack, Hellcat, b*t*h, I'm with Doja Cat
Windows low, duck low, b*t*h, I got a f**kin' strap (Ayy)

Back up, bro, back up, ho, b*t*h, I'm with the poles
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