Eye Open

Jayo Sama

Ayy (Ayy)
Hol up (Hol up)

You gotta keep your eye open (Eye open)
(Hol up)
You gotta keep your eye open (Yea, Squad, Hol up, Ay, Ay)

I gotta keep my eye open
Feel like they plottin, waiting for me to get rich catch me slippin
Put that 9 on me

You gotta keep your eye open and that iron on you
Cuz n***as won't hesitate to pull up on you bust your mind open

Lord knows that I wanna make it out - open doors were the only doors I walk in is a trap house, gotta keep my gat out
n***as wanna rob the kid because my pockets fat now
Why they throwing dirt on my name - someone tell me what's that bout
Jump through your window if we know its a stash house
Kick down your front door with two sticks and thе mac out
My choppa got a scope that's how n***as get mapped out
Short fеw so when a n***a try me I flash out
Police asking for ID, hands up, pat down
I was working for slow money had to take the fast route
n***as slip, triggers grill, you will get laid flat out
Pull up on your clique, let it rip like click clack POW

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