Kara Marni

[Verse 1]
You got me doin' the most
What am I thinkin'?
'Cause you keep on pullin' me close
When I should be leavin'
Feels like I'm caught in a wave
And I keep on sinkin'
I should escape, before it's too late
Stuck in the deep end

Can't let this go too far
'Cause, baby, I know what this is
And I know I can't let you in

But that sh*t was close
I could feel my body losin' control
Had to tell my heart to just let you go
And you give me feelings (You give me feelings)
But I've got my reasons (I've got my reasons)
Why I just can't let you get that close

[Verse 2]
I don't wanna kill the vibe
Right now we ain't got no lies
So I don't wanna compromise (Hey, hey)
'Causе it's just a waste of time
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