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Helene Fischer

"Little Drummer Boy"

[Songtext zu „Little Drummer Boy“]

[Verse 1]
Come they told me, parapapampam
A new born King to see, parapapampam
Our finest gifts we'll bring, parapapampam
To lay befor a king, parapapampam, rapapampam, rapapampam
So to honour Him, parapapampam, when we come

[Verse 2]
Little baby, parapapampam
I am a poor girl too, parapapampam
I have no gifts to bring, parapapampam
Thats it to give the king, parapapampam, rapapampam, rapapampam
Shall I play for you, parapapampam, on my drum?

[Verse 3]
Marry nodded, parapapampam
Te ox and lend kept time, parapapampam
I played my drum for him, parapapampam
I played my best for him, parapapampam, rapapampam, rapapampam
Then he smiled at me, parapapampam, me and my drum

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