Just One Day

Emma Hunton

Just one day, that's all I need
Just a day without her nagging
Just one day, I beg, I plead
But the drag just keeps on dragging

While I wish for just one Monday or a Friday to be free
Free to slouch and sulk and mumble and be messy and be me
All I ask is for twelve hours to live my life my way
Just one simple, awesome, crazy, epic da

'Cause I'm lazy and I'm average and I'm sloppy for a start
And I know she'd like a daughter who was pretty, thin, and smart
And I know she's really perfect, but I'll never be that way
Not for a single, solitary day

Tomorrow is the wedding and tonight is the rehearsal
And there is no room for error, I mean not one flaw
We've got guests in just ten hours
Dress the tables, trim the flowers
I want beauty and perfection
I want total awe

And with Weddings Magazine here for a feature on the scene here
The business is depending on this one success

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