Where Do the Lonely Souls Go?

Emma Hunton

[Verse 1]
It’s 3am here in midtown west
It’s Monday night, so yeah, I’m drunk
My friends left the bar sorta early
And even though I’m full of spirits, my spirits sorta sunk

Oh, where do the lonely souls go?
When they ain’t go nowhere to be
Oh, where do the lonely souls go?

[Post Chorus]
McDonalds at 3AM
I can see time scare right across the street
McDonalds at 3AM
There’s a shake shack too, but it really can’t compete
With the ambiance and the smell
I’ll take a Powerade or whatever’s in the well
At McDonalds at 3AM

[Verse 2]
White people problems are the story of my life
I’m running out of options, cuz’ my mom won’t give me money
She says “don’t spend too much,” and she wants me to quit the theater
But we end the chat with a grand ole’ “I believe in you, Honey.”

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