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"Five Pound Bet"

[Intro: Bru-C & (Window Kid)]
Yo Greg, yo do you reckon we should do an intro to this tune?
(Well yeah, if you're meant to bro, are you meant to do an intro?)
Usually you should still, like we could either do an intro or go pub
(Nah, do an into. Use this!)
Yeah yeah, then we'll go pub (Yeah)

[Chorus: Bru-C]
I'm cool if it's calm, I'm bless if it's caj
Putting on a five pound bet with the lads
That's something that I get from my dad
That's something when I'm next on a track
It's live if you're nice, I'm safe if you're calm
Gotta' live life with a little bit of charm
That's why I buy nice garms and I write bars that are five stars, I'm hard

[Verse 1: Bru-C]
Yo, I be sound as a pound that I found on the ground in town, better get me a round
All these man wanna' fight in town, I just wanna' sit with a pint in town
Wanna' tell my girl 'man are nice in town'
My lot are always hype in town
Bare drinks and good vibes in town
Don't care cos' I do what I like in town
And I'm like... pints
Everyone knows about pints
Strictly drinking pints
Girl get pulled like pints
Get 'em wet like pints
I'm under bars like pints
You do your ting, I'll do pints
My flow's wavy like say you're drinking pints
Trust me, I'm all about pints
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