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Is this another test to see what I can really do?
This isn't where I rest my head anymore
Where are you?
Pulling my finger out
Placing it on the trigger
I'm not messing around
I'm aiming while you f**king slither

Like the snake that you are
Flee like a f**king rat
This ain't a damn facade
I'm done with the lying
I'm done with the f**king magic act
Time to put you in the f**king ground
I'm telling you as a matter of fact

But you won't f**king learn
So you can f**king die

Oh my god
Where the f**k have you gone now?
Dead and gone
All I wanted was the kill

Waste of f**king time
All I wanted
Was to take your damn life
They say you took the cowards way out
But you wouldn't know what they talking about
Is this your way?
Your way of saying goodbye?
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