B Side (785)
Next Up?
Part 1

Soft and drop straight drop like stewey
Break down bujj that come like Scooby
Shout B gang my drillers loopey
Slap of corn, go pattern groupies
Catch me boppin' with my swammy
Extra sweets that come in handy
Wan' chat bout chatty patty
Dem man training to be athletes

Ding-dongs and hoopties
Man can't tell me 'bout violence
And I ain't going down like a punk
So I back my hammer on trident
Dem boy there fragile
Interview room there frightened
I put it in my mums life
Any time I been nicked I stay silent
N***as tried slide on the B
We turned them 'round at the entrance
They must off thought that we lie when we rap
And bitch n***as hopping over fences
K1's trynna screw on a whistle
When he's sorting out the teeth like a dentist
I went in probation with my skeng
And my PO said "You've been splendid"
Fly on the phone she wanna see me
No I ain't giving out free b's
Turn one to 2's strait TT
Bitch you better have my money like Riri
It's like no gang can't handle
K cheffed up mhm wid the rambo
He just ripped the tag of his ankle
Dizz whipping track smelling like Mackerel
Venomous snakes watch out for the vermin
Bando bare drug fumes burning
I turned light then dark in the sterling
Two runners got the kit-kats twerking
Why you talking 'bout guns? You ain't got none
Even back in '013 we was on one
We was baking on the trap with the long one
Then I got a bagged with the sweets for the shotgun
Talk about 30 #authentic
Now everywhere I go, I get mentioned
I won't lie that's not what I expected
I'm trynna cop a baby Mac 11 extended
Im trynna get to the top like icing
Long 27-inch sword like a Viking
Gunshots that shits exiting
I don't mind little D loves riding
Like where dey doe?
Where dey at?
Where dees pussios hiding?
And if I ever catch man slipping in the B better do what I say like Simon
Part 2

Gang maintenance on man
I'm B Sides number 1 suspect
I heard my man halvering bricks
So he might hold his family hostage
Spin ting works wonders
And the shotty necks long like ostrich
I ain't seen my family for a while
Cos my mum thinks I've gone a bit bonkers
I'm a boss like Tooky
But I'm tryna flip bricks like Boogy
My foreign ting said "her boyfriends a pussy"
So she let me hit dat nonny
My heads kinda fucked like dangers
I love 9mills, spinners, and gauges
Tryna leave dead bodies on pavements
1 stain make your whole years wages
Tryna be rich, not famous
All it takes is a little bit of patients
But the way I'm livings outrageous
I just shit 2 packs out my anus
No heads up, I ain't giving no warnings
Skeng on me 2 stepping in my forces
Hot the white girl, she looks gorgeous
Den I dropped her in the pot like salt fish
People say my flow cold like iglu
With the Milkyway button with the Minstruals
I just linked Slipz and Pistol
I want the reload coming like Kindles
I need my stack tall like mountains
Wheres K1? I think he's in Fountains
Bujj come dark like Malcome
But they hiding, I think I just found dem